A good haircut should fall into place with the minimum of effort and depending on the length and style be versatile to wear.

Our stylists understand that each client is different and we are aware that your haircut consultation is most important to determine the best results.

Price Guide

Women’s haircutting and finishing from £45-£95

Men's haircutting and finishing from £35-£55

Beard shaping and grooming £10-£15

Fringe trims £10 (or free of charge for clients return with 6 weeks of their haircutting service)



Our blow dry experience includes a luxury shampoo, head massage and styling products for shinny, bouncy wavy or straight healthy looking hair.

 Price Guide
From £25 — £45
Regular contract blow dries availble, please ask for details 

Hair Up-styles for special occasions 
From £30 — £60



The correct hair-colour makes all the difference to a good cut and stlye it can transform a look and make it spectacular, accentuating the eyes and flattering skin tones. We use the most advanced formula Wella colours that ensure best coverage, shine and vitality and are the kindest on the hair and scalp.

All new colour clients are required to have a skin patch test before 48 hours before colouring onto to scalp.

Price Guide
From £45 — £130




Placement of foils is paramount to achieving the best effect on all different hair lenghths and styles. Fashion colouring compliments edgy haircuts and will emphasize detail that really stands out.

The current trend for Ombre colour has proved very popular with our younger clients and some of our not so young clients as well who like the way we achieve a natural grown out effect using a blend of colour. We also offer a variety of hair colour techniques and effects for men’s hair from natural grey coverage to funky beach shoeshine lightened ends.

Price Guide
£60 — £130




Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Approx. 60 to 180 minutes

This amazing Brazillian Keratin hair smoothing system is the most innovative and effective professional treatment to smooth hair cuticles and eliminate frizziness, it can be washed straight away and doesn’t contain any harmfull nasties. Your hair is finished either staight or wavy straight out the salon with body, shine and radiance. The effect lasts between 2-3 monthes with our recommended home care products. We always recommend a trim of the ends with this service which we offer complimentary. If you usually colour your hair our Brazillian treatment can be done at the same time or very soon after to improve the keratin protein level of the hair.

Price Guide
From £125 — £250

Nioxin Scalp Therapy Treatment (Healthy Cear Scalp for Healthy Hair Growth)
Approx. 15 to 20 minutes

A mild scalp demerbrasion treatment recommended to clear dead cells and sebum from the scalp aleaviating itchiness and keeping scalp hair folicles healthy to enable natural hair growth. This inexpensive teatment is highley advised for people with scalp sensativity and for anyone wanting to ensure a healty scalp and unecumbered hair growth. Recommended to have every 3 months.  

Price Guide
From £25

We only use the very highest quality products in the salon including; Orbie*, Wella SP, Nioxin, Morrocaoil and Barron DBS*.




Our MPB hair-regeneration programme has been carefully formulated for men who are concerned about their hair loss including; thinning on the crown, top of their head and receding hairline.

We offer a free consultation with our hair-loss expert who will be able to assess the potential for increasing hair-regeneration. If suitable a course of action using our proven topical 5% solution and other measures will be advised without obligation.

HR programme includes instruction and 3 month supply of topical solution plus progress monitoring session.

— From £90

HR programme includes instruction and 6-month supply of topical solution plus 2 progress monitoring sessions.

— From £175